PETA!  It means we are People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.  We care about our furry little friends probably more than skin care and beauty. Not only are our products never tested on Animals, we only use PETA Certified manufacturers and labs to formulate our products. So rest assured, the Bella Jane Organics product you are buying has never harmed an innocent animal. Even if you do not buy a Bella Jane Organics product, we ask you to please!, look for the beauty without bunnies logo or click the bunny logo below to search for your preferred skin care products manufacturer and make sure they are certified. You will be surprised how many companies are using animals to test their products on.

Click the PETA bunny logo!

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We ask you to please be conscious of the products that you buy. As Human Beings, we have power over what we purchase. We do and can make a difference! When consumers ban together and show support for things, manufacturers and creators of products are forced to comply with the consumer if they want to sell their products and make a profit.

To show our support, if you find out your product is tested on animals, send us a selfie holding your product you normally purchase and we will activate your discount code for 15% off your next order to help you make the switch. We may even add your selfie to our Instagram feed, with your permission of course.  To get started create an account here and then just email the to show us your PETA Support.  Once the bTeam approves your photo, just follow the white rabbit or one of his furry friends above and click one of the discount links in the slide show to receive your discount at checkout.  It's that easy!

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Thank you for supporting PETA!