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Our pure CBD Tinctures have zero MCT Coconut or Olive Oils.  We use only pure organic CBDa extract and Hemp Seed Oil for full plant synergy to produce our tinctures. Peppermint extract is added for taste.  Don't fall for the competitions cheap Coconut or Olive Oil blends.  Our CBD is 100% plant derived!  Hemp Seed oil can cost 78% more than MCT Coconut Oil, which is the main reason producers choose MCT Oil.  When CBD is absorbed sublingually MCT Oil offers no benefits as the CBD is introduced straight to your blood supply.  We do however blend our Oral Sprays with MCT Coconut Carrier Oils due to the unique nature of some of the ingredients in our sprays that are not as as compatible with hemp seed oil.

Not all CBD is made the same or produced using high quality farms and safe extraction practices. . If you can not verify the purity of your CBD hemp oil or CBD containing product, we recommend that you do not buy it, as it may not have passed FDA testing thresholds for very dangerous pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals, and harmful Bacteria, Fungus or Molds, including Ecoli.  These tests are costly and the safety thresholds are extremely low, usually in the parts per million and parts per billion range, which is why some companies will not test.  There are many counterfeits and bad practices happening on the market and not all CBD is Organic, Non GMO, and tested for pesticides and heavy metals, so be careful what you consume and or put on your skin.  Pricing of CBD is also a good indicator that the product may not be up to par, so if you find a product with good pricing, make sure it is safe, real, and can be traced back to a testing facility.  We strive to offer competitive pricing!

We formulate our products and source our ingredients from some of the best farms, labs, and manufacturers in the skin care industry.  With access to the COA's, you can see that your product has passed all stringent lab testing and FDA threshold limitations for pesticides, heavy metals, and harmful pathogens. (see an example COA below).  All manufacturing facilities we formulate our products with are animal and cruelty free and follow good manufacturing practices. is a secured website.

Simply scan the QR code available on every Bella Jane Organics CBD containing product and follow it to a 3rd-party lab testing facility, enter the product’s lot/batch number printed on its container (usually on the bottom) to display the Certificate of Analysis (COA) from a third party lab for that particular product(s) batch analysis.  Please note that the COA's for new batches of product may take time to show up online, so be patient if you can not find it.  Just check back often and they will show up.  You are very welcome to use our contact us form if you have any questions or can not find a particular COA after your order arrives. We will get the bTeam on it asap and do what ever we can to get you a free copy of your products COA, no questions asked.

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It's important to us that our customers know what they are buying.  Even if you do not buy a Bella Jane Organics product, please protect yourself and look for the QR Code.  This is good verification that your CBD is real, safe, and free of harmful chemicals and pathogens.  If for some reason your phone won't scan the QR Code due to being unreadable, a damaged label, or smeared, you can scan the code above, or simply go to and enter your lot number on the bottom of the product container.  See Example COA below for details.

Example COA's 

Bella Jane Organics #CBD 1500mg CBD COA

Bella Jane Organics #CBD-X 1500mg CBD COA

Each and every Bella Jane Organics product is formulated with high quality and or clinically supported active ingredients, Full spectrum and or Isolate CBD as well as other natural and organic plant oils and extracts that work synergistically in our products to provide unique, safe, and effective mind & body care.  Bella Jane Organics cares about you, our customers, and your beauty. Our goal is to revolutionize the mind, body, and soul of your skin care experience.  Be Organic Be Bella is not only our motto, its our belief, helping everyone be beautiful on the inside and out is our goal.

(Non CBD products contain No CBD)

Bella Jane Organics prides itself in delivering quality products. Currently our products are only sold through website.  If you obtain a BJO product from anywhere else please be sure it is authentic.  Currently there are no other authorized distributors or re-sellers and we do not sell on Amazon.  Our products are controlled, monitored, and sold only through our website.  We will keep you updated if this changes in the future.  Check back here for a list of any future trusted authorized re-sellers or distributors.  

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