First, what causes the cramping and pain?

Most of us know this info but for those that don’t, here it is.  It’s an easy question to answer, if you have no other underlying medical condition like Cysts or Endometriosis, the most common underlying problem is a large swing in some particular hormones and chemicals produced by our beautiful bodies called Progesterone and Prostaglandin’s.

When our bodies reach the end of another 30 day journey and it realizes we are not Mothers to be, it drastically cuts back progesterone levels.  This rapid reduction in hormones has a more prominent effect on some than others.  The Uterus closes for business and our Endometrium begins to shrink the tissue and cuts off blood flow to the arteries creating our cramping symptoms which can be more severe for some than others.

This is when Prostaglandin’s KICK IN! (pun intended).  These inflammatory chemicals begin to increase and peak during menstruation.  They can cause blood vessels to constrict more, pain sensitivity increases, and extreme contractions.

CBD vs NSAID’s: How does CBD help?

Our first go to used to be NSAID’s, but as more info on NSAID’s sheds light on how dangerous they can be, from Gastrointestinal side effects and possible Autoimmune Disease, we tend to look for natural remedies to help our womanly battles.  People with no gallbladder or gastrointestinal diseases like Crohns should avoid NSAID’s.

NSAID's work by inhibiting Prostaglandins, the main cause of our painful cramps, but what if CBD can do the same. 

CBD: Alternative?

Research is finding that like NSAID’s, CBD naturally inhibits Prostaglandin’s, or more specifically the enzyme COX-2 that produces Prostaglandins.  And unlike NSAID’s it doesn’t inhibit the COX-1 enzyme that is the issue behind NSAID’s side effects on the gastrointestinal system.

Decreasing Prostaglandin levels can reduce inflammation, pain, and cramps. Combining CBD with a Prostaglandin-reducing treatment may provide added benefits.  Always consult your doctor before starting any CBD regimen .

Research on CBD is also finding that it can inhibit all inflammation in our bodies by affecting our CB2 receptors.  We will cover more on these in our Part 2 blog about your endocannabinoid system and how they prevent Cytokines (inflammatory proteins).





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