The Endocannabinoid System part 1 - CB1 receptors, what are they?  They are present in very high levels in several brain regions including the hippocampus, dopamine areas, and prefrontal cortex amongst others.  This is the reason so much research is being done on CBD and the effects it has on the signaling of these receptors. 

Research has found CB1 receptors to be present in mitochondria and are believed to affect memory formation.  CB1 receptors seem to have a regulatory effect on a natural chemical produced by the brain called GABA and Dopamine.  GABA is a very popular supplement and can be found in many over the counter products including our #Zentime oral spray.  GABA and Dopamine are highly responsible for our feel good happy feelings.  They help calm us and reduce stress and anxiety.  Low levels of GABA may be linked to mood disorders, epilepsy, and chronic pain. 

Our hypothesis and theory is since the CB1 receptors are so closely linked with brain functions that regulate our feel good chemicals, this may be the reason so many people are reporting claims to the benefits of CBD.  If CBD is actually having an effect or if its a placebo effect, the research being done will eventually shed more light on the subject.  We certainly can attest to the effects we have seen and felt and do not believe it to be placebo effect at all.  We have experienced a tremendous reduction in anxiety and much improved sleep from daily use of 20mg (day) to 50mg (at night). 

Check back soon for part 2 when we talk a little bit about the CB2 receptors.

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