Menopause, mother nature’s biological alarm clock and not so funny joke after all those years of dealing with aunt flow.  We are still waiting for the punch line!  First the mood swings, happy, sad, laughing, crying, back to happy.  Then there are the wonderful hot flashes that seem to creep up at the worst of times, like on a job interview, after lunch work meetings, or the romantic dinner date.  For some, severe anxiety, depression, and insomnia tend to follow what seems to be a never-ending list of symptoms.

Research tells us approximately 85 percent of menopausal women experience hot flashes at some point and many suffer from them most frequently during the evening or night time.  This unwelcome and uninvited visitor can wreak havoc on our beauty sleep and many times disrupt our partners to the point that they suffer along with us.

The question many are asking now…does CBD help?  Menopause does seem to disrupt our bodies homeostasis along with our endocannabinoid system.  The very beautiful and intricate female body does have cannabinoid receptors throughout the reproductive system, so yes, it is quite possible that CBD oil may help reduce some of the symptoms relating to menopause. 

All the research we have presented previously in our past blogs and our Facebook group CBD for Women page concerning anxiety, depression, mood swings, and insomnia certainly lends credence to CBD’s possible benefits for menopausal symptoms.  We always recommend starting with our 1500mg Full Spectrum tincture as it is the best bang for the buck without breaking the bank.  Start with a 0.60ml dosage and work up as needed.  Take at bedtime.

Here is a testimonial from a woman that has found some relief:



“Relief at Last

Last April, after buying a type of CBD oil, Natalie began putting a few droplets under her tongue before bed. She was shocked when after just two nights, her night sweats had stopped. Over the next week, her hot flashes eased, she felt less anxious and more energetic, and she experienced fewer headaches. Natalie continued using CBD nightly, and soon all of her menopausal symptoms vanished — and have stayed at bay! “At first, I dismissed CBD, but I am so grateful that I did the research and tried it,” she says. “It has changed my quality of life and made me feel like myself again!” “

Past blogs:





Various sources:

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