Bella Jane Organics knows that feeling of despair when you wake up in the morning only to be confronted with a huge pulsating blemish in the mirror when the lights come on, GOOD MORNING!  It makes all of us want to run back under the covers and hide to avoid the embarrassment we have in store for ourselves during the day.

Acne takes no prisoners, it affects us all young and old alike with all skin types.  It comes in varying degrees of "terrible" from one blemish to countless.  Bella Jane Organics wants to help with our acne skin care routine specifically designed & put together in house to help all of us avoid that next embarrassing #Blemish.

Here is our acne routine along with tips, tricks, and money saving advice for defeating those future embarrassing moments.


Start your morning off with our Facial Cleanser infused with Organic CBD Oil and enhanced with Peppermint and Avocado oil. This product doesn’t contain the ordinary detergent agents responsible for suds & slip, but rather is of a lotion consistency that should be massaged and applied smoothly  into the skin. Its a non drying specially formulated blend packed with our purest Organic CBD Oil and nourishing botanical's.

Its time to tone and balance. Formulated with Witch Hazel and a specialized blend of pure Organic CBD Isolate, natural extracts, vitamins, Aloe, & Peppermint oil to help supply the skin with the necessary nutrients it needs to stay fresh and hydrated. 

Non CBD Formula - A pure concentrated Hyaluronic Acid Serum infused with Vitamin C and E to deliver all day intense hydration to the skin.  Help amplify the skins natural hyaluronic acid production and destroy free radicals. This no gimmick formula contains a high concentration of pure hyaluronic acid to support skin’s natural HA levels and deliver deep hydration to improve skin firmness, smoothness, and plump fine lines and wrinkles, for a healthy, younger looking complexion. As we age, the skin produces much less hyaluronic acid than is needed to maintain proper moisture balance to restore a youthful appearance. Apply in the morning to lock in your skin's moisture barrier. Apply before bed and wake up to youthful, hydrated skin! The smooth texture of this serum-gel helps create a smooth canvas on the skin, perfect for pre make up applications. Provides intense hydration for acne-prone skin without clogging pores (non comedogenic). Paraben and dye-free, ideal for all skin types.

The epigenetic rejuvenating power of Apple Stem Cells and 100mg of Organic Full Spectrum CBD help fight aging, wrinkles, fine lines and promote healing of damaged acne prone skin. Rejuvenate your skins youthful radiance with our specially formulated Anti-Aging Cream, rich in epigenetic and metabolic factors, stem cells derived from a rare apple tree are reputed to have extraordinary longevity & regenerative properties. This velvety, fluffy cream is full of nourishing fatty acids from Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Organic CBD Hemp Oil that promote vitality and firmness. Intensely hydrating, it works to improve the appearance of fine lines and deliver deep penetrating moisture to your skin for a brighter, tighter look. Apple Stems Cells work to boost the production of human stem cells, protect the cells from stress like acne and environmental pollution, and help decrease wrinkles by working to restore and reset skin cells back to their younger genetic makeup.

When not using #APPLEADAY - Part of every routine, block those ultraviolet rays to help lighten those acne scars and keep the dark pigmentation away.  Our SPF 30 is also a moisturizer infused with Organic CBD oil, Cucumber Extract, Green Tea Extract and lightly blended with Shea Butter to keep your skin hydrated while it protects.



Exfoliate as needed in the evening after or during your bath or shower.  Be gentle and don't irritate the skin.  Avoid trying to pic or pop your blemishes.  A soft hand towel or gentle scrubbing loofah pad works wonders when paired with our #WASHME cleanser and will save you money instead of buying a separate exfoliater.

Its time to tone and balance. Formulated with Witch Hazel and a specialized blend of pure Organic CBD Isolate, natural extracts, vitamins, Aloe, & Peppermint oil to help supply the skin with the necessary nutrients it needs to stay fresh and hydrated. 

Mud up at least once a week with our Dead Sea Mud Mask with Dead Sea Salt, Bentonite, Kaolin, and Organic CBD Oil.  By regenerating cells and creating a higher capacity for absorption, this mask is particularly beneficial for oily and/or acne prone skin. Once cells are primed by the minerals and are ready for the absorption of actives, they can assimilate clay’s rich sulfur, which dries existing acne and sterilizes toxins within the pore preventing future breakouts.  Extracts of Cucumber, Green Tea, Chamomile, Comfrey, Moringa Oleifera Seed and Aloe Leaf juice then return the necessary vitamins and nutrients to the skin. Use sparingly and apply only a very thin layer to the skin. About a dime size application works well for most. Excess application of this product is of no benefit and you'll only be wasting this fabulous product and your money.  Mask dries fast so spread quickly and evenly.  For severe acne, use 3 to 5 times a week.

Apply about 6 drops before bed time after cleansing.  Our powerful CBD infused Vitamin C serum will prime your skin at night and combat the days build up of free radicals as well as helping lock in moisture and balance those sebum oils. This powerful serum is formulated with up to 20% Vitamin C, Organic CBD oil, and Hyaluronic Acid, and can be used five to seven times a week.  Use very sparingly as a little goes a long way.  Alternate use with #MIRRORMIRROR.

Do not use on top of #CMEGLOW - Alternate use - Your most commonly suggested exfoliation routine recommends a beaded exfoliater but in the case of acne prone skin we prefer a lighter retinol based lotion to promote collagen production, help remove dead skin, and keep you looking smooth and soft. Combined with Organic CBD Oil it replenishes while it exfoliates. Use 3 to 5 times a week based on your skins sensitivity. Start slow and build up or reduce usage as needed. Alternate use with #CMEGLOW.  If you need to scrub then try pairing our #WASHME cleanser above with a soft towel or gentle loofah.  Try not to irritate any broken skin you may have from Acne.



We are not supposed to say this, but use our products very sparingly.  These are not your typical drug store products.  They are extremely rich in high quality luxurious ingredients and you'll be amazed at how a very thin layer goes a long way.  You will achieve the same results, the product will last longer, and it will save you a lot of money.  The skin is an amazing organ and will absorb what it needs to, so just feed it the minimum and leave the rest in your bottle for the next day.  Always follow the directions.


Healthy skin starts from within, eating a healthy diet rich in omega 3's and fiber is imperative to a clear complexion and can save you money on skin care products over time. 

  • Have you tried CBD Oil?...it has amazing powers.
  • Do not sleep on the same side of your pillow case twice.
  • Eat a healthy organic diet rich in fiber.
  • Consider adding a high quality Probiotic to your diet.
  • Avoid fast food, fried foods, and most of all sugar.
  • Eat Grass fed meats rich in the good fats.
  • If your a vegetarian, your on track, if not give it a try a couple days a week.
  • Drink plenty of water, staying hydrated help save money on moisturizers.
  • Avoid soft drinks, switch to mineral water and green tea.
  • Try to follow a Low Glycemic Diet
  • Look for home remedies for acne like Honey and Cinnamon mask.

Be Organic Be Bella!


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